#themagicreds is the working title of a project blackrabbitphoto is getting off the ground.

Hair is a seemingly innocuous subject, yet underneath the waves of this filament lies a powerful evocative and symbolic significance. Hair color, in particular, has cultural and social implications. Certain cultural and social stereotypes and biases are made specifically about people with red or ginger hair, evidenced by the myriad of terms used for them, often used in a degrading manner. This bias is further fueled by Western culture's hair beauty norms, with a distinct slant that blonde and brunette hair tones deserve admiration.

#themagicreds aims to explore this red bias through photographic and filmic means, drawing on cultural, historical and social sources in order to visually portray individual red heads and their stories.

If you are a natural red head (or dye your head ginger because you want to be a red head) and want to participate in this project or would like further information, please get in contact with us. You must be at least 18 years of age and be able to travel to our studio in Zug - Switzerland. As we are currently exploring different ways of how to best portray the final output of this project, we hope we can count on you for several photographic sessions.

This project is currently in the research phase and we hope for many participants in this project. Please visit often for updates.

-- Test Images of V --

-- Test Images of V --

-- Test Images of A --

Test Images Nadine # 1

Test Images Nadine #2

Test images of V #2

Test images Viviane #3