• Have your pooch well-groomed and clean, including clipping nails, brushing his coat and cleaning weepy eyes. The Paw Spa will be gladly groom your pet for his session.
  • Exercise your pet a couple of hours prior your session to bring down the energy and excitement levels. A calm dog (but not dead-tired) makes for a great portrait!
  • Have your pooch come to the session a bit hungry. There will be lots of healthy treats for motivation and attention, so they won't be hungry for very long.
  • Bring only essential family members with you (2 people max is a good number). This will be easier for your dog to pay attention to me and I can capture a much better portrait with a trusted family member as an assistant.
  • Work on your pooch's "4 S": SIT - STAY - STAND STILL. This is really helpful to capture wonderful expressions of your best friend.
  • Arrive a bit earlier to your session so your dog can get used to the shooting location, smells and sounds and meet some new friends.
  • Remove your pooch's collar for the session, if your dog is well-behaved and can sit/stand still. Otherwise, please bring a decorative collar and leash.


  • Forget your supplies. Bring poop pick up bags and ample special toys and treats to the session as well as his regular grooming brush.
  • Let your doggie know you've brought some of her special treats with you. It'll give me a chance to surprise them and get some great expressions.
  • Worry, don't stress. Your pet will pick up on your stress level. Your pet may not do exactly as you want them too, but that is not a problem. Just be the calming force for them :)