Dance Photographer | Ballet in London

Beautiful shoot with a dancer from London. Click on image to see it in its full glory.

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Couture Photographer | Be Your Own Beauty

Recently, I had the great pleasure of photographing this wonderful (single!) mother of a teenager. She already exuded natural beauty and it was a blast capturing unique images of her. We wanted both ultra-classy shots as well as some quirky images of her, to make sure that we captured these sides of her personality.

This is where the notion of "being your own beauty" really struck home: believe in your own beauty and document and share it with your loved ones. Let's connect and we'll help you with creating wonderful images for this journey.

Check out some images and the behind the scenes film!

Fashion Photographer | Viole(n)t Textures

Some finished images from a workshop I led with The Viewfinder Center earlier in the year. The theme was "Viole(n)t Textures" with some exclusive clothing, four models, nine photographers and one make up artist. It was full day of shooting, lots of laughter and amazing people!
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Beauty | Summer is for swimsuits

Ah, we are finally in the middle of summer! If you have been following us on facebook, you may have noticed that we have been shooting beauty swimsuit sessions! We absolutely love these sessions! Who doesn't like to play in water?!

For your own swimsuit pool session, contact us here.

Thank you to: Sedalia, Patrizia, Corin and Linda!

Couture Shoot | Pink Flower Wall

Sometime back we gave you a glimpse of a background we've created by hand. We have had a few chances to use it for a maternity shoot as well as some other shoots. Below is one of those shoots where we thought the pink wall would great. We were so inspired by Spring the lovely pink shades.

If you want to be photographed in front of this awesome background, contact us here soon as we will be retiring this background by the end of summer!