Commercial Photographer | Headshots that don't suck

Head shots. These are not only for models, actors and singers. In fact, these are becoming more and more crucial to any small business owner, their key employees, bloggers, social media gurus and job seekers. A professional head shot says exactly that about you or your business....that your client or potential employer is dealing with a professional.

Even if your business does not generate the majority of its income online, you are overlooking the importance of social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook. It is almost with certainty that a client will do some form of online research on your business and having a professional head shot on your bio ensures to bring your best face forward!

In such cases, a run of the mill selfie-shot taken at some club simply won't do and definitely does not communicate the message of being a professional.

A great head shot makes for a good logo as well and helps you with your personal branding. In fact, you should use the same head shot in all of your social media to create brand awareness of you. However, quality matters to stand out from the sea of selfies.

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