Product | Watches Product Story Film

You've got your brand story or product story ready to go -- now turn it into a film!

black rabbit photography now offers short film services for your brand or product. A short film about your brand or product can quickly and easily illustrate to your potential client what you are all about in a moving and engaging way. Don't just tell them how awesome you are; show them!

Check out the below film we shot for @lina.oswald, an instagram influencer and fitness model.

Ready to design your own brand story film? Wanna shoot a professional how-to video? Show what it's like behind-the-scenes? Or have an entirely different idea? Contact us and we will be in touch!

How-To | Vegan Apple Galettes

Make up artist YB Make up is an aspiring baker, so I thought we should film her making a few vegan apple galettes. Nice side benefit is, I got to eat one (or two) with ice cream! Check out her FB for the full recipe.

Would you like your own film about your brand or product? Or film a how-to and show off your expertise? Or share a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes? Get in touch!

Dance Photographer | Ballet in London

Beautiful shoot with a dancer from London. Click on image to see it in its full glory.

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Couture Photographer | Simple is Best

Some simple yet beautiful images of the stunning M. I shot this session earlier in the year, on one of those rainy days and still love them.

Couture Photographer | Be Your Own Beauty

Recently, I had the great pleasure of photographing this wonderful (single!) mother of a teenager. She already exuded natural beauty and it was a blast capturing unique images of her. We wanted both ultra-classy shots as well as some quirky images of her, to make sure that we captured these sides of her personality.

This is where the notion of "being your own beauty" really struck home: believe in your own beauty and document and share it with your loved ones. Let's connect and we'll help you with creating wonderful images for this journey.

Check out some images and the behind the scenes film!

Couture Photographer | Adore Your Beauty

We had the lovely chance to photograph C recently. She's a 40-something mom of two with a high-powered job as a director at a large company. Truly a super-mom! As she hasn't had professional photo shoot, we were very glad that she put her trust in us and we created some wonderful imagery for her and her family to cherish.

Check out the behind the scenes film below.

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Sports Photographer | Tour de Suisse

We got the opportunity to cover a phase of the Tour de Suisse. The weather was both sunny and rainy, but a great time was had by all :) Congrats to the phase winner!

Portraiture | High School Senior Memories

Who knew penny boards would make a comeback? We loved photographing this beautiful girl L with her pink penny board. Have you seen the short film to go with these series of images? If you know of a teen who would love to have their portrait taken, drop us a line.

Portraiture | High School Seniors - Penny Boards

We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting high school seniors into our couture photo shoots! High school senior pictures are very popular in the States and we want to make them popular here as well. Why not give your graduating student the chance to commemorate this important step in a couture photo session?

Product Photography | Sneakers

Did you know that the black rabbit started out as a product photographer? Going back to our roots with a product shoot for sneakers.

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Women's Expo

The black rabbit and crew got to meet the public recently at the Women's Expo in Zurich.
 We set up a wonderful booth dominantly made up of white, pink and black colors. A lot of wonderful folks took the time to come to see us and had a quick portrait taken in front of our pink flower wall. Of course, we offered a great expo special as well and and gave away some lovely goodie bags sponsored by Marionnaud, Lotus Power Health and Funky Forty as well as by Stella&Dot.